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The boards are made from kiln dried oak and the legs and the post signs are made from air dried oak, both equally suited to outside use. It is worth noting that the thicker air dried oak used for the individual post signs may split and move slightly overtime but this just adds to the character and does not affect the posts' stability.

All fonts on this page are a standard style but examples of others can be seen on the gallery page. 

The Laurels.jpg

Due to the depth of the hand cut letters, they can be clearly read in their natural state but you may choose to have them painted. The most popular colours are cream, white or black but other colours may be available upon request. Each letter is painted with professional sign writing enamel paint.

Signs can be left natural to age quickly if you prefer a rustic look or can be given an oil finish. This will protect the sign against the elements, gives a very slight glossy finish but does not affect the colour of the wood. The oil finish will wear and thin in time but does not peel and chip like varnish tends to. By simply re-applying oil once or twice a year the finish can be preserved and this can be done in minutes. 


All signs are individually designed, hand drawn and hand carved using specialist carving chisels. This means that each sign is tailored to your individual needs.

All signs are made of oak, due to its durability. Each piece of wood used is carefully selected for quality and overall appearance.

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